Enjoyed live show, Thanks Adobe for facilitated live broadcasting

5 10 2009

Adobe has facilitated live broadcasting of keynote session for day 1 and 2 of the MAX event. I grab the opportunity to be there virtually.

There were lots of statement came out from the event. I had joined late so, I must have missed some.

– Flash Player is available on i-phone
– Great enhancement come in FC Beta2
– Cool Photoshop continue the history to be cool
– Cold fusion 9, Flex, LCDS are more easy to use in eclipse
– LCDS Mosaic on the way
– Flash Pro will have mind blowing text layout authoring tools
– Flash Pro will continue to give power of ActionScript to creative designer (with out coding)
– Flash Pro will have new physic engine embed to create cool animation





Tomorrow also Adobe will be broadcast the keynote for day 2. As per Ryan’s statement there will be big announcement and surprise guest coming to the event.

Don’t miss it.

Thanks Adobe!!!


After long time I met….

7 08 2009

I was away from the flex community for long time. I had came to know about Pune FUG meet from local news paper. I realize that, event will be good opportunity to linkup with the community again. I met all my old friends Anand, Sagar and Himanshu and many more at the Meet. I made few new friends as well like Harish and Priyank.

I enjoyed the Serge’s session 🙂 . It always a pleasure for us to realize such expert live.

Thanks: Priyank, Anand and FUG for arranging wonder full event. I would say FUG meet is the best place to align your self with the technology. Looking forward to have such events in future.

Thank you all. See you in next FUG

Fb and Fc is out from the lab

1 06 2009

Finaly long waited Flash Catalyst™ is out of the adobe lab. along with FC adobe has release FB as well.

What are you waiting for download and start playing around.

from this any one can start

Flash Catalyst !!! [10% Effort, 100% Gain, 0% Pain]

9 12 2008

Thermo got the final roll out name “Flash catalyst” with family belonging Logo.

I was just looking interview of “Ryan Stewart” and “NJ Jaramillo” interview about “Flash catalyst” and it just delighted me. I am really exciting to use this bridge in between designer and developer.


Great competition, Great Outcome

17 10 2008


SkinToWinChallenge is over!!! Winners are declared!!! The quality of the themes is really great. Especially the first and the second prize are looking really cool. Congratulation to Alberto Alcaraz and Nahuel Foronda. I had also submitted the almost seven themes for the competition 🙂  with motivation of “Air Notebook” and “Adobe MAX” but competition was really tuff.  At the end I am happy for that at least one of my theme is got selected for the spot prize.

Basically, I am not a designer but I play with my curser in free time that gives me great joy.  I have learned lot of skinning techniques during the designing of the themes.  Thanks Event

 As per “Juan Sanchez” blog post the entire theme will be available next week for everyone.

Congratulation to all the winners!!!

Thanks Adobe, Thanks Effective UI, Thanks Juan Sanchez, Thanks all the members who had take a part in the competition.

Flex 4.0 Gumbo ~ Developer Designer workflow, just awesome

15 07 2008

Recently Flex 4.0 SDK is released. In this release Fx improve developer designer workflow. Not just import flash, Photoshop or AI files into flex builder but true Developer Designer workflow. It means thermo integration, new skin file (FXG) type included , and new name space “2009” will be in place to support new graphic rendering. I guess now every Fx component will have separate skin file which will describe look and feel and function behavior of the component.

When you think of list component in Fx 3.0 or older, what come to your mind?

Ammmm ….. list items can be display in a box with right hand scrollbar, Item can be rendering with itemrenderer and scrollbar can be skinup with .png or flash. Now take look this video and change your mind for list component. In Fx 4.0, every component will be reassemble easily with very less efforts. So, therefor it’s truly amazing Developer Designer workflow in FX 4.0.

Really gr8 going Gumbo

Layout design !dea

3 07 2008

For developer it’s always pain to decide position, layout, navigation and containers. here i found very interesting web site which has numbers of layout design ideas. go and explore the site http://www.layoutcookbook.com/