10 + 2 unbitable reason why flex not “silverlight” in current scenario

26 06 2007

My friend Anand bloged 10 + 2 unbitable reason why flex not “silverlight” in current scenario.

Ted Says:

1. Flex is available today and works.

2. Flex 2 is viewable in 85+% of web browsers, Flex 2 SWF files run in Flash Player 9.

3. You can use any HTTP Server and any backend technology (.NET,JAVA,PHP,Ruby,CF, Python) with Flex via XML, SOAP, Sockets, ZLIB, Etc.

 read whole article and boost up your self to work in flex


New Orange theme online

25 06 2007

Juan updated
www.scalenine.com and included my new orange theme check it online.

Thanks Jaun 🙂

Explicit support for Module base application

25 06 2007

Imagine if your application has 1000 or more pages with high end graphics and animation. You must think about performance. The simple answer is module base application.

Module, It was really great feature of “flex 2.0.1 hot suffix 2.0 SDK” but in flex builder 2.0 was not having explicit support for Module based application. Therefore we have to make separate modules, compiling report.xml, then recompile all the modules ….. ohhhh that was really frustrating process.

But now flex 3.0 has explicit support of module based application. That means flex builder itself will handle all this process. Here I have tried to explain how flex builder 3.0 supports modules.


Create Module more easily

To create new module just right click on your project and select new module. It will ask you name of the module. There is one other combo box with label of optimize size for application. Now this is some thing really good in flex builder 3.0. This feature will generate report.xml file and optimize your application for selected application.

This action will add tryThisOut.mxml module to your project.


If you are creating 100% liquid module which should fit in to your module loader container, then you have to use percentageWidth and percentageHeight properties of module class. Check below image

Now when you press ctrl +b or press “Build all buttons”, it will generate tryThisOut.swf file in your output folder. Then after you can load this module wherever you require.

Manage modules

Flex 3.0 adds modules to project when you create new one. But if you want to copy and paste module from other project to your current project you have to add manually. To do that just right click on current project on navigator window then after click on property button at the bottom of the pop up menu. You will find module link on open dialog box. There is one button “add” on right side. You can simply add module. You can also edit existing module from the same window.

Debug modules

You have to just allow modules for debugging by clicking on enable debugging modules. That will allow you to debug your modules

Hope this will help you.

Find more about modules @ https://bkflex.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/modular.pdf

Rock on module 🙂

Add [27-06-2007]

Optimising Modules

Don’t use the classes that have been compiled in the application in the module. Compile without them as they are not needed.

You can use the link report to identify modules that you don’t need.



Awesome updates on adobe labs

11 06 2007

Whole last week ted patric wondering flex community. And on this Monday morning they open flex 3.0 beta as well as AIR [Apollo]. It is really early lunch then I was expecting.
Cools things to download

Download Flex Sdk Beta 1
Download Flex Builder Beta 1

Labs Wiki Flex 3
Flex Bug Database
Flex Standards And Community Process

download and play

Ted Patrick opened magic box

5 06 2007

On first day of Flex 3 Details Week Ted Patrick show some awesome feature of Flex 3.0. On that day Ted shown designer/ developer work flow features. I think for RIA this is most important think how developer and designer integrate magic together. Flex 3.0 has below listed new features.- CSS Design View

– Skin Importer
– Design View Zoom/Pan
– Design Mode support for ItemRenderers
– Advanced Constraints
– CS3 Suite integration
– CSS Outline
– Flex 3 SDK Skinning/Style EnhancementsA feature that I liked so much is skin Importer

For more details please visit Ted Patrick blog.

Flex design resources

29 05 2007

Juan is serving greate services to flex community. As I seen till date very less developer and designer are contributing for UI and usability source except Juan (As per my knowledge).

I like the way Juan is promoting UI designer community and serving good design resource. As an individual contribution I also create vista theme for community use. I given the same theme to Jaun and he had made available this theme on www.scalenine.com .

I am planning to create very new theme based on current user test. Please keep watching www.scalenine.com.

awesome Flash/Flex applications

1 05 2007

Here I collect some awesome Flash/Flex applications list. take a look 🙂