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Hi all,

I am Bhavin Padhiyar 🙂 . Currently I am working with SAP Labs as a “Principle Solution Consultant”. I have been working on flash platform for 5.5 years. This experience includes Flash, Flex, Action Script, AIR and Photoshop and other related technologies.


Kindly contact me [bk.flex @ gmail.com] for anything around “RIA”.


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24 08 2007

hey dude, where are you these days… and whats up with you… dude, I cant use photoshop properly and u r distributing flex designs for free… dimaag kharab hai kya tera?

25 08 2007

HI Sameer,

I am here in Ahmedabad. 🙂

give me ur contact no.

17 11 2007

hello bhavin ,,

i am curretnly shifted in the flex , i am afraid some because previous i am in the dot net . so it is good for me to tranfer in the flex .if possible then give some sample project related to flex ….


29 11 2007

sumit, will you please contact me via phone. i have sent you my phone number.

30 11 2007

hi bhavin,

I’m doing a project about a portal of tech. We have already some people woring on flash and flex, but we still need help from more people to write some articles and tutorials. Would you pls contact me?

Project name The Tech Labs

You can read about it at my blog Flash Enabled

9 12 2007

Hi Bhavin,
I would like to speak to you about some flex issues. Can you mail me your contact details ?

7 07 2008

Hello Dude BK,.

How are you? I hope you are good and well. tell me something about yourself..

Here is going everything is fine.

How is going your job over there.?

Kindly waiting your reply.

Thanks & best Regards

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