What’s New In Flash Catalyst Beta !!!

8 10 2009

Good progress in between two beta 🙂

What’s New in Flash Catalyst Beta 2 from Ryan Stewart on Vimeo.

Just after 2 hours!!!

5 10 2009

Just after 2 hours of keynotes session at adobe max, new beta on Adobe labs.

Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4
Flash Professional CS5
Adobe Flash Catalystâ„¢
ColdFusion Builder beta 2

LiveCycle Data Services beta 3

Applications for iPhone

Visit Labs

Enjoyed live show, Thanks Adobe for facilitated live broadcasting

5 10 2009

Adobe has facilitated live broadcasting of keynote session for day 1 and 2 of the MAX event. I grab the opportunity to be there virtually.

There were lots of statement came out from the event. I had joined late so, I must have missed some.

– Flash Player is available on i-phone
– Great enhancement come in FC Beta2
– Cool Photoshop continue the history to be cool
– Cold fusion 9, Flex, LCDS are more easy to use in eclipse
– LCDS Mosaic on the way
– Flash Pro will have mind blowing text layout authoring tools
– Flash Pro will continue to give power of ActionScript to creative designer (with out coding)
– Flash Pro will have new physic engine embed to create cool animation





Tomorrow also Adobe will be broadcast the keynote for day 2. As per Ryan’s statement there will be big announcement and surprise guest coming to the event.

Don’t miss it.

Thanks Adobe!!!