FLSkin is available on adobe exchange

27 07 2007

I made three themes with different color code, Orange, Black and Grey. Those themes are having almost every components graphic skinning. It has art work files, if you want to modify any thing on graphics. Those themes are ready to use in any of flex or AIR projects.

You can download and explorer themes from here.


Range Selector Component

23 07 2007

“RangeSelector” component is extend from HSlider Class. It is just customized the view of the HSlider. It give better visually rage selection. Component also dispatch event when user click on any between Range with starting and ending range.

Check in action
Download the code

My money is on Adobe simply because of those two invisible weapons, PDF and Flash

16 07 2007



Robert X. Cringely write very good article on FLASH and PDF today’s stand.

Some of the very good statements he has write.

  • Being the owner of two invisible technologies [PDF and Flash] makes Adobe more powerful than most of us can even imagine.
  • Adobe absolutely dominates nearly every market for graphical software and is a strong competitor in video, too.
  • Adobe is moving into developer tools in a big way to support its grab for mindshare in the interactive/rich web application space where much of the excitement lately seems to be.
  • My money is on Adobe simply because of those two invisible weapons, PDF and Flash.
  • But invisibility offers no advantage to those who can’t follow through. That’s not Adobe, by which I mean that’s not Flash, which has grown to be so much more than it was ever intended to be.
  • By itself, Flash has had an amazing evolution.
  • Java applets were fantastic with major shortcomings (huge Java runtime, poor performance, clunky and ugly interface, etc). Flash fixed all or most of those.
  • Expect Flash in everything and perhaps even Flash in a chip. Deploying software in hardware is the ultimate DRM.
  • And Flash does cross-platform so much better than Java ever did.
  • Flash potentially solves all those problems AND creates new opportunities.

Read complete article here.

Best uses of Flash from SEO Prospective

11 07 2007

From years back SEO doesn’t recognize use of flash content in site. May be they are right because googlebot can’t ready each and every visual and text content of the .swf format. And flash is really not medium for SEO, it’s completely visual medium. But still we can use .swf content in SEO friendly web site by taking care of search engine prospective.


Tip for SEO friendly flash content creation

  1. Use dynamic text rather then static text and graphics
  2. Use “deep linking” new feature of flex 3.0
  3. Make two different version of site one should target SEO and another should target usability
  4. Place flash content wherever it require in your html page [i.e youTube, Google Earth and Google finance]


One of the google webmaster publish article “Best uses of Flash” can give better vision to SEO to optimum use of flash.

Who say there are just seven wonders!!!

8 07 2007

On 7th July 2007 world was celebrating new seven wonders. At same time Carlos Ulloa, John Grden and Ralph Hauwert are [core team of papervision3D] lunching their wonder in flash world.

Yes, Papervision3D public beta has lunched.
Congratulation to Papervision3D team

Go and get it Beta version

Flash Player powered google map!! Sound Exiting

7 07 2007

Today I was roaming around google map and seen new feature ‘street view’ of google map. This feature gives you 360 pan views of city streets.

I found Google chose flash player to deliver this feature. Flash Player will rock.


check your self



Flex 3: Built in data grid animation effects

5 07 2007

There is no scope of animation in Datagrid & List components, in Flex 2.0. As such, we have to run code loop and do manual animations on canvas or that kind of container to achieve the animation effects. However, Flex 3.0 team must have realised this requirement and they packed this feature in the new SDK. Now, we can assign special effects on datagrid and list base components.

Check out in action Example 1 , Example 2 [this examples has downloaded from adobe labs]

Download source file