Great RIA day for me

9 05 2007

Today was “RIA” day for me. I have seen so many surprising things in world of RIA.

1. Finally Sun Micro System come on race track of RIA with thire new player call javaFX
2. Some of our flex community enthusiastic come into picture with mySQL driver flex, and Flex/AS3 3D Engine from Outsmart Labs.
3. Silverlight is already in the race
4. Adobe is trying to managing lead in race track
5. and lot more

Today this all news was confused flash/flex developer about their career moves and future planning. I was watching to my co-workers they were literally confuse because some months back they came from java and .net back ground to flex/flash platform and today they are seeing their native technologies also ready to give same opportunity for what they came in to FL platform. I told them one formula, and all of them get relax.

RIA = (Creativity + functionality) = Adobe

As a flex developer I trust on technology and my thumb is up to compete with other tools and technologies. 🙂 ^^^^^

So, over all today was RIA day. 🙂



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